Elysion Laser Hair Removal

How do our laser hair removal treatments work?

The Elysion is a medical grade gold standard diode laser which uses an optimum wavelength of light that is selectively absorbed by the melanin surrounding the hair follicle. The laser is applied to the skin and the heat from it is conducted down to the base of the follicle to cut off its blood flow. At the same time, Elysion’s  ‘cool freeze’ technology cools the skin, protects it and avoids any damage to the surrounding area. The hair will be destroyed and removed permanently. During the week that follows, it will fall out and leave the skin hair free and smooth, until the next phase of hair growth appears in 6-8 weeks’ time.

How many treatments are required?

All visible hairs will be removed with each treatment. A course of treatments will be required as laser hair removal is only effective on hairs in the growing stage, ie. when they are visible on the surface of the skin. There are generally three stages of hair growth and, at any one time, 30% of hairs are visible on the skin surface – the rest are in a ‘dormant’ state. This means that, for permanent clearance, additional treatments are required for each phase of hair growth.

The Elysion laser is a high powered and super-fast laser. Most people will achieve full clearance in just 6 sessions. Hair removal with older IPL, or other, laser machines are generally known to require between 8-15 treatments. The Elysion laser can therefore save you both time and money.

Treatments are scheduled 6-8 weeks apart, as you wait for the next phase of hair growth to appear on the surface. You will be hair-free in between treatments.

Will it be painful?

Most clients find treatments perfectly comfortable. The Elysion laser’s patented ‘cool freeze’ skin cooling technology keeps the skin at a cool temperature at all times. It also protects the skin throughout the procedure and ensures a pain-free treatment. The Elysion laser also has a Dynamic mode of operation which offers a completely painless treatment and is suitable for all skin types, including tanned skin. We will customise all treatments for each individual to ensure optimum results and maximum comfort.


Is it suitable for everyone?

The Elysion laser can treat all skin types and hair textures safely and effectively – this includes dark skin and tanned skin. Our treatments are ideal for all individuals, men and women, wishing to remove unwanted hair permanently in a safe, friendly and professional environment. During an initial consultation, we will ask you to complete a full health questionnaire to identify your needs and suitability, and will then customise your treatment accordingly.

 Your treatment plan

During an initial free consultation, we will explain the treatment in detail, assess your suitability and answer any questions you may have. This will include the completion of a full medical questionnaire, before and after treatment advice and instructions, and clear costings. You may find that our prices are a bit lower than other clinics, especially compared to those using older or slower laser technology, but this is due to fact that the Elysion is one of the fastest, most effective and, therefore, most cost-effective laser machines available.

Once you are happy to proceed we will perform a patch test, prior to beginning your course of treatments, to ensure you receive no adverse reactions. After 24 hours you will be able to book your first appointment. On average, you should expect approximately 6 sessions in total, each scheduled 8 weeks apart. Some clients require a few more treatments but, should this be necessary, we will advise you of this during your consultation.

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